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Celebrating and remembering the integration of Hoxie School in 1955, the first challenged integration with the battle decided by the United States Supreme Court. Overcoming adversity through diversity!

Hoxie School was the first challenged integration of a school. It took place in the small Northeastern Arkansas town of Hoxie. July 11, 1955 Hoxie Public School was integrated. This integration took place before the Little Rock 9 and set the precedent for the rest of the integrations in the United States. This is the untold story of the American Civil Rights movement. It needs to be told. We need to understand where we have been before we can change where we are.

Hoxie's story is an inspirational story about how a small town in Arkansas felt it was right in the eyes of God to integrate. This did not happen without opposition, but it did happen leading the way for the Little Rock 9 and integrations throughout the south.

Their story has national importance now since it seems as though the civil rights movement is in a period of regression.  

Our goal is to tell the complete story of the integration of Hoxie School, those who opposed it and those who supported it. We want to show how the integration effected the entire community, black and white. We are working on rebuilding the Black school. This replica school would be used as a museum and an and educational facility for civil rights.

Please help us tell the story of the desegregation of Hoxie School and how this community overcame adversity through diversity.

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Ethel Tompkins, President

Frances Green, Vice President

Lida Tinker, Secretary

James Whitlow, Treasurer

Angie Abbott

Andrea Allen

Jim Barksdale

Fran Cavenaugh

Darrell Pickney

Dina Rose

Katie Smith

Marlyn Tate

Gene Vance


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Swannee Bennett

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Dr. Rodney Harris

Dr. Linda Heard

John Holt

Dr. Cherissee Jones-Branch

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Will Rockefeller

Dr. Edward Salo

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